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October 6, 2020

Q&A with Malloy Peterson, 2020 Women Who Mean Business honoree

Atlanta Business Chronicle – Atlanta Business Chronicle has named our 2020 Women Who Mean Business honorees. The women will be celebrated at a virtual awards event on Oct. 15. Here’s a Q&A with one of the winners, Malloy Peterson, senior vice president, development, Selig Enterprises:

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership is an opportunity, but it is also a responsibility. Leadership requires being trustworthy, reliable, forward-thinking, adaptable and authentic.

What can leaders do to address the disparity between conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion and achieving real change? First, leaders need to encourage a dialogue within their company about diversity, equity and inclusion. It is critical that employees are encouraged to share their opinions and are heard when they do so. Most importantly, recommendations for change must be considered, committed to, and regularly benchmarked. Leaders need to “think globally, but act locally.” Thousands of small actions can make a wave of change.

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