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December 21, 2021

The Best Dishes We Ate in Atlanta This Year

Thrillist:  We don’t need to tell you: 2021 was a wild ride for the restaurants of Atlanta. Despite facing little to no government restrictions, there were plenty of challenges thrown their way from staffing shortages to supply chain issues. Yet, Atlanta was lucky enough to still see plenty of restaurant openings, giving us lots of cause for celebration. Now that we’re at the end of 2021, we’re taking a look back on some of the best things we ate during this not-so-normal year.

The dish: Pulled mushroom sandwich at Fox Bros. at The Works
Look, Fox Bros does a great job with meat. And the meats coming out of their Works location where they have killer smokers in a beautiful room adjacent to the restaurant are no exception. So when we tell you that the pulled mushroom sandwich is their best dish, we mean it! First of all, it’s incredibly cool that the Fox twins took vegetarians and vegans into account when opening this new location. Not only that, but they created a dish that’s taken just as seriously as an animal protein, with smoky, earthy oyster mushrooms in a barbecue sauce served with vinegar slaw on a brioche bun. Carnivores, take a chance and you will not be disappointed.

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