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Family Friendly

July 26, 2023

HAPPY CAMPERS: Kids Play Series

at The Spur Stage | 10:00 am

Come out to The Works ATL from 10am – 12pm for our complimentary Happy Campers Kids Play series! Each Happy Campers event features a different activity or craft that will engage kids in a fun and educational way. A parent or guardian must stay with each child during the program and this is best suited for ages 3-9.

July 26: Science Made Fun ATL (Magnet Makers): Experiment with the power of magnetic forces using magnetic cars, floating magnets, transfer games, magnet mazes, magnet faces, forcefield containers, liquid iron and much more. Make a magnet two different ways including electromagnets at our make a magnet center. (magnets made during the program are not sent home with the child)

*This event will be located at the Spur Stage Green area between Dr. Scofflaw’s and the parking deck.