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1295 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318

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7 Days Per Week


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Visitors may use any of the surface parking spots located on Makers Way and Chattahoochee Row as well as any level of the parking deck. There is a Managed Parking Program facilitated by AAA Parking using the ParkMobile app (additional FAQs following). The first 2 hours of parking is no cost and customers have the ability to add additional time at a fee. Everyone must start a ParkMobile session upon arrival. Parking FAQs: Why is The Works introducing managed parking? In concert with doubling the number of parking spaces this year, we are introducing two hours of free parking, with paid parking through ParkMobile after exceeding this time frame. We have also opened several new employee lots. All of these efforts are designed to enhance the guest experience and access to parking throughout the development. What is the plan for the future of parking at The Works? With all the things in store for our vibrant community, we are excited to share that we will open our new parking deck within our Westbound at The Works multifamily development by fall of this year, along with additional surface lots available for guests and employee parking. This will double the parking capacity by the end of the year, making the parking experience more convenient for all. We will also begin construction on an additional parking deck opening by the end of 2024. When did these changes occur? The program began April 24, 2023. How will these changes be facilitated? The Works property management staff, ambassadors from AAA Parking, and The Works security team will be available on-site to facilitate these changes and help customers. Videos and tutorials will be available on The Works’ social media accounts. Where can customers park to receive two hours of free parking? Customers can park and receive two hours of free parking in all available, non-reserved, non-designated surface or parking deck spaces once they register their vehicle by opening a ParkMobile session. How do I start a parking session? Once you park in a spot, find a sign that will display the zone number for the lot you are parking in. Then, open the ParkMobile app on your smartphone or scan the barcode to download the app. Find your location through the zone number, set your duration of time you will be parking, and then enter your vehicle and payment information. You can also text “Park” to the number listed on the sign. For more detailed steps, click here. Remember, the first two hours are free! How much will I pay to park in a spot? Once you start a session, the first two hours will be free. After that time frame, payments will increase to $10 for 2-4 hours, $15 for 4-8 hours and $30 for any session over 8 hours. There is a $.45 transaction fee. How will parking be enforced? AAA Parking will provide parking management and enforcement on-site seven days a week. There are a variety of parking enforcement tools starting with citations and penalties. Is a receipt issued? A physical receipt will not be issued, but you can view your parking sessions under “history” in the activity of the ParkMobile app. Can I get a refund if I do not use the entire amount of time that I paid for? There are no refunds available. Where is EV Parking? Car charging stations are available within the parking deck on the first level.