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August 12, 2020

Andrew Zimmern explains why his Chattahoochee Food Works delivers on the true potential of a food hall

Atlanta Magazine – What’s Eating America host Andrew Zimmern and Robert Montwaid (of the Gansevoort in New York) have announced the first vendors for the Chattahoochee Food Works food hall in northwest Atlanta. The 26,000-square-foot space is located in the Makers Building at The Works (1295 Chattahoochee Avenue Northwest), which was once an industrial warehouse area. The food hall will feature 31 stalls, as well as an indoor/outdoor bar run by Montwaid. “It’s a community center,” he says.

“It’s a celebration of families, food, and spirit,” adds Zimmern, a partner in the food hall, responsible for the overall vision. Montwaid is on the ground more, sourcing the individual vendors. 

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