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Wellness at The Works

May 24, 2023

Beautiful Conversations, Beautiful Spaces: An IRL Podcast by HERMARKET

at iHeart | 6:00 pm

As a part of Wellness at The Works, HERMARKET is curating a special live recording of their new podcast, “Beautiful Conversations, Beautiful Spaces”, generously hosted by iHeartMedia in their Dunkin Music Lounge. You have the opportunity to be one of a select group of guests to experience this intimate, in-person dialogue about the well-being of the woman behind the brand.

This important conversation will explore the unique challenges and struggles that black female founders and face, as well as practical advice for taking care of their mental and emotional health. By shining a light on the well-being of black female founders, this podcast aims to tell the stories of these women, inspire change and support their success.

Complimentary specialty cocktails provided by Adelina Social Goods.

Featured Guests:
Ashley Sims of Humans Before Handles: Featured in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, CNN, and in Urban Outfitters stores. Her product was also on Beyonce’s website.
Alicia Scott of Range Beauty: Featured on Shark Tank with Lori Greiner and Emma Grede, in Target stores, and she’s a part of the Sephora Accelerate ’23. Her product has been featured in Byrdie, Allure and Cosmopolitan.